Jewelry that means more

Meaningful jewelry pieces made to affirm, and connect you to God, the people, memories and milestones you hold dear.


Minimal jewelry with maximum impact. Designed and curated with affirmations inspired by... 

Personal, Timeless, Meaningful

What are people saying about us?

  • Jasmine, ONTARIO CN

    "I had such an amazing customer service with KP! She responded in a timely manner and patiently walked through the details of what I needed for my customized ring. Her attention to detail, thoughtful packaging, and quality of each jewelry piece is amazing!!!"

  • Temitope, LAGOS NG

    "In the midst of the over saturated jewelry brands in Nigeria, Kelly Praise Brand's pieces standout! It's the intentionality for me; from the product package to the actual jewelry, the quality is evident. KP's love for her brand makes me appreciate the product even more, a 10/10!"

  • Temidayo, LAGOS NG

    "Amazing customer service, for some reason i was confident in the brand and didn’t have to worry if i’d get something different from what i ordered. Very pleased with how nicely the chain was made. I recommend."

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  • Excellent Craftsmanship

    Excellence is at the heart of our business. Our pieces are designed with integrity and durably crafted for everyday use.

  • Customer Centric

    From working with the best craftsmen and manufacturers to ensuring all our jewelry pieces go through thourough checks, our appreach has always been about you. Your stories should be told in the finest way

  • Sustainability

    As we grow, we seek to work with ethically sourced and recycled metals and use packaging that can be recycled. We work with manufacturers with similar values and ethos as us.

  • Meaning

    The best jewelry pieces are the ones with meaning. Whatever your style, whatever your story, our pieces are the canvas and your stories give them meaning.


Personalized Options

Not just fashion statements, but cherished keepsakes. Personalized pieces make it easy...