Can I bathe with my Jewelry?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to bathe with your stainless steel jewelry as it is non tarnish and water resistant. However, try to keep it away from perfume and chemical substances. It is best to take off, clean and return your 925 sterling silver jewelry to its box after wear because 925 SS is a more delicate metal.

Can I swim with my jewelry?

You can swim with your Stainless steel jewelry, however, 925 SS doesn't do well in Chlorine

Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment, we ship to the United States, UK and Canada via DHL express

Here are some general jewelry care tips

You can protect your jewelry by taking it off when washing your hands, swimming, exercising, cleaning, and also before applying personal body products. Avoid contact with soaps, perfume, lotion, makeup and hair products. 

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

  • 925 Sterling silver is a very delicate metal and may get damaged if not handled with care. 
  • Take off jewelry when bathing, swimming, exercising, or cleaning
  • Avoid contact with perfume, soaps, lotion, makeup, hair products.
  • The box containing the jewelry should be used to store the jewelry and use the polishing cloth to polish your jewelry as needed. To clean, rub the polishing cloth against the jewelry in one direction and do not use products like tissue paper, or paper towels to avoid scratches.
  • Our jewelry pieces are built to last and not tarnish but may wear with time and improper care. 

Stainless Steel Jewelry Care

  • As much as stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish or corrode, it can scratch over time and can wear with time and improper care. Here are some tips:
  • Wear and store your jewelry in a way that minimizes contact with other items that may damage it.
  • Store your stainless steel jewelry pieces separately from jewelry made of other metal types. It’s best to keep them in separate individual bags or pouches.